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Rice Purity Test is one of the abiding surveys. It includes the questions of the medications, sex, indecencies, and violation. The Purity test consists of a 100 questions survey. The questions will be asked on the basis of the enthusiast, shrewd or sexual activity of the contenders.

Why rice purity test started?

The Rice Purity Test was started for the assistance of the students. So that the fresher can be examined and their social behavior. To provide them with incredible school life. The additional benefit of the test is that it will help in developing the identity of the candidate. Checking the attributes that the person may feel diverting by such questions.

That is the reason we expect that you will read the complete article to get the best information about the Rice Purity Test on this website. You will get each detail on our website.

Domains of Rice Purity Test

The new students or the fresher who takes part in the Rice Purity Test. The complete test comprises 100 questions that are related to daily life activities. The question of the activities they have taken part in the past. In the 100 questions survey, the questions of each scenario covered. The questions from the multiple domains of life. Check the domains as follows:

  1. Encountering the Police.
  2. Smoking Marijuana.
  3. Sexual Activities Outdoor.
  4. Crimes
  5. Digital Sex

Get to know about each domain.

Encountering the Police

The Rice Purity Test may include the questions regarding the Police Encountering. The reason for including such questions to know the obedience the students are with laws. Or the way they tackle with the cops. There could be numerous questions in the Rice Purity Test for the domain. Some of the questions from the Police Encountering are as follows:

  • Have you Been Arrested?
  • Had the Police Handcuffed you?
  • Ran from the Cops?

Smoking Marijuana

Smoking Marijuana Rice Purity Test

Marijuana is totally illegal in the world. If anyone caught red-handed. He or she gets unbailable imprisonment. The smuggling of Marijuana is spread across the world. You can’t even imagine Marijuana. There are some remote areas where Marijuana is cultivated. But is a crime. The people try to expose the teenager to such things and later they become addicted to it. Without having accurate knowledge of the harmful effects.

The questions from the domains for the Rice Purity Test are as follows:

  • Have you Smoked Marijuana?
  • Got Caught Smoking marijuana?
  • Used any drug worse than Marijuana?

Sexual Activities Outdoor

The concept of having sex changed with the passage of time. In order to make it more exciting the experience of sex. The different location eve outdoor are preferred by the youngsters. They are the one who engages in the activities of outdoor sex. The location for the outdoor can be parks, playhouses, or anywhere. The reason for including such types of questions in the Rice purity test. To check the desperateness of the students for sexual activities.

Check the question for it as follows:

  • Had sex outdoors?
  • Had sex in public?
  • Had sex in a car?


crime rice purity test

The crime is doing things or activities which are illegal as per the rules. The conditions or the activities for the crime can be different. The crime includes activities like drug murders, cheating, etc. The main reason to make the domain part of the Rice Purity test to analyze the criminal mindset & behavior of the contender.

Sample questions for the Domains are as follows:

  • Gotten an STI test?
  • Used drugs like methamphetamine, crack cocaine, PCP, horse tranquilizers or heroin?
  • Have you Been questioned by the police?
  • Have you Been suspended from school?

Digital Sex

The act of getting pleasure is changing the scenario of things. It is hitting society with a hard impact. With the use of technology, people are using digital sex. Means of getting pleasure simply sitting on your desktop or laptop. Making use of smartphones and devices. It is one of the trending & famous.

It is performed with the help of video chat, voice chat, or even text chat. The youngster is involved in the activities of the Digital Sex. As they have easy access to the internet and digital dating media.

Questions from the domain for the purity test are as follows:

  • Are you engaged in sexually explicit activity over video chat?
  • Have you Sent or received nude photographs?
  • Did you participate in an orgy?

All the domain as above contains information from the interest areas for the Rice Purity Test.

Rice Purity Test Thresher

Have you ever told lie? Ever cursed? or Done something you wouldn’t tell your mother?

Don’t aspect such questions from the Rice Purity test.

The Thresher published the original version of purity test questions. In the year 1924, the women took the test and the average score was 62. But in the year 2017, the Houston average for people who took the test was 65. The number of tests spiked to 274 from 100.

In the past years, an official site means the online version was hosted by the Thresher. It is visited 1,5024,204 times. Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, and New York are the top cities for purity tests.

The test spread by means of colleges and high schools across the globe. To inspire the people for the test. The current iteration for the test is Orientation Week.

History of Rice Purity Test

History Of Rice Purity Test

As mentioned above the test for purity begin in the year 1924. But the new version of the test featured 100 questions, each question worth one point.

MOS” as meaning “Member of the opposite sex.” The test separated out questions regarding homosexualityplacing them lower on the list of questions. The test includes the questions of sexual crimes such as child molestation and statutory rape. The questions for the alcohol to the MPS.

What is the abbreviation of MPS?

Member of the preferred sex.

The test in the year 2008 included questions about using alcohol to lower inhibitions of Sexual Partners. In the year 2011 Thresher Backpage editors refused to publish the test for the divisive nature of separating students based on the score. But in the year 2012 run the test for the positive potential of allowing O-Week groups toTransition from the rosy summer camp feel of O Week to the somewhat irreverent year ahead.

We got this information from Wikipedia

Rice Purity Test Unblocked

The Rice Purity Test unblocked for everyone. It is good news. As it will help the user to get the Purity Test Online by simple means. Now the people sitting at their home themselves can undergo the purity test. Get ready to undergo the original version of the Rice Purity Test. We have basically all the questions for the Rice Purity Test. Follow the complete article to get the description for the Rice Purity Test Unblocked to get under the Online Purity test.

Rice Purity Test Questions

The questions can be 50 to 2000 depending on the test type. But official and original Rice Purity Test contains only 100 questions. The Purity test is to encourage the participation of the people. It just a matter of the nature one has. Some read out the answer loudly and want to tell the score they have achieved. Some others want to get the Test as the acknowledgment for the use, try or make as a checklist. The 100 questions in the Purity test contain all the official questions.

Top Questions for Boys

The information for the Boys for the Rice Purity questions. If you want to appear for the test. But you want to first go through the basic question asked in the Rice Purity Quiz so that you can appear for it easily.

  1. Have you been in a Relationship?
  2. Have you Kissed A Non-Family Member?
  3. Have you Masturbated?
  4. Did you ever French Kissed in Public?
  5. Have you been Arrested?
  6. Had Sexual Intercourse in Four or More Positions?
  7. Had you Cheated on A Significant Other During A Relationship?
  8. Had Severe Memory Loss Due to Alcohol?
  9. Ever Been in A Fight With Your Friends?
  10. Have you ever held hands romantically?

Top Questions for Girls

There is research conduct that classifies the questions. Some of the questions in the Rice Purity test are very confusing. It is necessary to give an accurate answer to such questions. The questions indicated below are the questions from the personal experiences of many girls. From those who have appeared in the Rice Purity Test.

Check the top 10 questions asked in the Rice Purity Test Questions for Girls

  1. Have you ever purchased Contraceptives?
  2. Have ever Been on A Date?
  3. Have you ever Been Drunk?
  4. Have you ever held hands romantically?
  5. Have you cheated on your Boyfriend?
  6. Have you ever gone to a Club Without Informing Parents?
  7. Seen or been seen by another person in a sensual context?
  8. Undressed or been undressed by a MPS (a member of the preferred sex)?
  9. Have you ever urinated in Public?
  10. Have you ever kissed someone?

How to take the Rice Purity Test?

The rules for the Rice Purity test are quite simple. There are some Do and Don’t list for the one who is appearing or to appear in the Rice Purity test.

To get the effective results of the Test one should be fully transparent. He or she should not compare his or her answer to any of the other person or friend. No to mess up with the test by giving the incorrect answer or erase the answer. In order to get accurate results, one should be clear in his mind.

  • Go through the checklist, to get the question that matches you.
  • In case if you have done any of the tasks asked in the questions, Tick the dropbox.
  • If you have never done it moves to the next question.
  • When you finish with all the questions.
  • Calculate the score by clicking on “calculate my score.”
  • You can also start over the test. But make sure that now this time you are not giving an answer as per gaining score as you desire.
  • Then the test would be of no use.
  • The score of the test range from 0 to 100.

Rice Purity Test Quiz

Read more about Rice Purity Test Quiz

  1. Held hands romantically?
  2. Been on a date?
  3. Been in a relationship?
  4. Danced without leaving room for Jesus?
  5. Kissed a non-family member?
  6. Kissed a non-family member on the lips?
  7. French kissed?
  8. French kissed in public?
  9. Kissed on the neck?
  10. Kissed horizontally?
  11. Given or received a hickey?
  12. Kissed or been kissed on the breast?
  13. Kissed someone below the belt?
  14. Kissed for more than two hours consecutively?
  15. Played a game involving stripping?
  16. Seen or been seen by another person in a sensual context?
  17. Masturbated?
  18. Masturbated to a picture or video?
  19. Masturbated while someone else was in the room?
  20. Been caught masturbating?
  21. Masturbated with an inanimate object?
  22. Seen or read pornographic material?
  23. Massaged or been massaged sensually?
  24. Gone through the motions of intercourse while fully dressed?
  25. Undressed or been undressed by a MPS (member of the preferred sex)?
  26. Showered with a MPS?
  27. Fondled or had your butt cheeks fondled?
  28. Fondled or had your breasts fondled?
  29. Fondled or had your genitals fondled?
  30. Had or given “blue balls”?
  31. Had an orgasm due to someone else’s manipulation?
  32. Sent a sexually explicit text or instant message?
  33. Sent or received sexually explicit photographs?
  34. Engaged in sexually explicit activity over video chat?
  35. Cheated on a significant other during a relationship?
  36. Purchased contraceptives?
  37. Gave oral sex?
  38. Received oral sex?
  39. Ingested someone else’s genital secretion?
  40. Used a sex toy with a partner?
  41. Spent the night with a MPS?
  42. Been walked in on while engaging in a sexual act?
  43. Kicked a roommate out to commit a sexual act?
  44. Ingested alcohol in a non-religious context?
  45. Played a drinking game?
  46. Been drunk?
  47. Faked sobriety to parents or teachers?
  48. Had severe memory loss due to alcohol?
  49. Used tobacco?
  50. Used marijuana?
  51. Used a drug stronger than marijuana?
  52. Used methamphetamine, crack cocaine, PCP, horse tranquilizers or heroin?
  53. Been sent to the office of a principal, dean or judicial affairs representative for a disciplinary infraction?
  54. Been put on disciplinary probation or suspended?
  55. Urinated in public?
  56. Gone skinny-dipping?
  57. Gone streaking?
  58. Seen a stripper?
  59. Had the police called on you?
  60. Run from the police?
  61. Had the police question you?
  62. Had the police handcuffed you?
  63. Been arrested?
  64. Been convicted of a crime?
  65. Been convicted of a felony?
  66. Committed an act of vandalism?
  67. Had sexual intercourse?
  68. Had sexual intercourse three or more times in one night?
  69. ?
  70. Had sexual intercourse 10 or more times?
  71. Had sexual intercourse in four or more positions?
  72. Had sexual intercourse with a stranger or person you met within 24 hours?
  73. Had sexual intercourse in a motor vehicle?
  74. Had sexual intercourse outdoors?
  75. Had sexual intercourse in public?
  76. Had sexual intercourse in a swimming pool or hot tub?
  77. Had sexual intercourse in a bed not belonging to you or your partner?
  78. Had sexual intercourse while you or your partner’s parents were in the same home?
  79. Had sexual intercourse with non-participating third party in the same room?
  80. Joined the mile high club?
  81. Participated in a “booty call” with a partner whom you were not in a relationship with?
  82. Traveled 100 or more miles for the primary purpose of sexual intercourse?
  83. Had sexual intercourse with a partner with a 3 or more year age difference?
  84. Had sexual intercourse with a virgin?
  85. Had sexual intercourse without a condom?
  86. Had an STI test due to reasonable suspicion?
  87. Had an STI?
  88. Had a threesome?
  89. Attended an orgy?
  90. Had two or more distinct acts of sexual intercourse with two or more people within 24 hours?
  91. Had sexual intercourse with five or more partners?
  92. Been photographed or filmed during sexual intercourse by yourself or others?
  93. Had period sex?
  94. Had anal sex?
  95. Had a pregnancy scare?
  96. Impregnated someone or been impregnated?
  97. Paid or been paid for a sexual act?
  98. Committed an act of voyeurism?
  99. Committed an act of incest?
  100. Engaged in bestiality?

Purity Test Result

To get the accurate result for the test you underwent for the purity. Then you should answer the questions transparently. No comparison of the results of the people around. As if you have undergone the Rice Purity Test. You will get the score for the test. These scores will classify your purity. It is a practical test. Finding your purity is exciting then. Than higher the score

Rice Purity Test Score

As indicated above in the article the questions asked may vary. They can be 100, 200, 500, 1000 questions. Depending on the choice of a contender. But basically, people opt for the 100 questions Rice Purity Test. So the scorecard is prepared on the basis of a scale of 100, It is quantitative data. It is not necessarily to get a high score in the Rice Purity Test.

After submission of the Rice Purity Test. The text contains information about the individual’s life and grooming.

Check the score you obtain. The Score has the following categories:

SCORE: 100-98

A score Between 98 and 100 is the maximum score that one can desire or obtain to get in the Rice Purity Test. Only a few fall in this category. They are the people who are born with a silver spoon.

The score defines the contender behavior as Nice. Getting the score is next to impossible. As it is regarded as they are people who are virgin Mary. Mostly the people of the category scoring are who believe to experience everything in life and get the heck out of it.

SCORE: 97-94

The next category is the 94 to 97 score. Only a small range of contenders lies in the range as per the data of the research. But the scorecard of the category is growing at a rapid rate.

The people scoring in the range are disciplined and have a firm personality. They never settle down with less as in the future they will definitely become part of the score 100 in Rice Purity Test.

SCORE: 93-77

The category includes the maximum population range. The people who belong to the middle-class to high-class children fall in the score category of 93-77. The contender belonging to the field have proper control over their thinking and emotions. They lead a better life and often indulge in better practices.

SCORE: 76-45

The 76-45 is the score that represents the shy and introverted nature of the contenders. They lack Social Skills and are very shy. Comes to contact with the other very little.


What is a bad score on the rice purity test?

The people whose Rice Purity Test indicates Score 45. It means they need help right now. As they are suffering from any of the mental illness or the other disease. So the care has to be taken as fast as possible.

Rice Purity Test Average

The detail of the difference for the Rice Purity test. People are interested to know the statics of the Purity Test. The information for the contender below is according to the Average Score By Country And Region.

As to get the complete information check the table below.

US States

Rank State Average
1. New Mexico 59.24%
2. Alaska 59.97%
3. Wyoming 60.20%
4. Nevada 60.34%
5. West Virginia 60.74%
6. Arizona 60.75%
7. Montana 60.80%
8. Idaho 60.91%
9. Oregon 60.97%
10. Utah 61.18%
11. Washington 61.25%
12. Colorado 61.45%
13. Louisiana 61.82%
14. Oklahoma 61.90%
15. Vermont 61.94%
16. Arkansas 62.22%
17. Florida 62.28%
18. Tennessee 62.47%
19. Kentucky 62.63%
20. Kansas 62.80%
21. Missouri 62.81%
22. South Dakota 63.27%
23. South Carolina 63.49%
24. Alabama 63.58%
25. Ohio 63.60%
26. Wisconsin 63.67%
27. Georgia 63.78%
28. New Hampshire 63.80%
29. Mississippi 63.90%
30. North Carolina 63.98%
31. Nebraska 64.14%
32. District of Columbia 64.30%
33. Maine 64.33%
34. New York 64.40%
35. Maryland 64.42%
36. Pennsylvania 64.49%
37. Rhode Island 64.52%
38. Minnesota 64.56%
39. Texas 64.58%
40. Michigan 64.73%
41. Hawaii 64.75%
42. Illinois 64.97%
43. Iowa 65.15%
44. Delaware 65.31%
45. New Jersey 65.48%
46. Indiana 65.56%
47. California 65.80%
48. North Dakota 65.97%
49. Massachusetts 65.97%
50. Virginia 66.38%
51. Connecticut 68.36%

Canadian Provinces

Rank Province Average
1. Yukon Territory 53.69%
2. Northwest Territories 56.90%
3. Newfoundland 60.59%
4. Alberta 62.29%
5. British Columbia 62.39%
6. Nova Scotia 62.57%
7. Manitoba 62.75%
8. Saskatchewan 62.87%
9. Quebec 63.11%
10. New Brunswick 63.11%
11. Ontario 63.60%
12. Prince Edward Island 66.03%

Australian Territories

Rank Territory Average
1. Australian Capital Territory 62.25%
2. Tasmania 63.22%
3. Victoria 63.80%
4. Western Australia 64.26%
5. South Australia 64.51%
6. Queensland 64.83%
7. New South Wales 65.29%

British Countries

Rank County Average
1. West Berkshire 55.17%
2. Wiltshire 59.58%
3. Croydon 59.71%
4. Swindon 60.06%
5. Milton Keynes 60.10%
6. Bolton 60.11%
7. Belfast 60.19%
8. Dundee City 60.26%
9. London, City of 60.46%
10. Ceredigion 60.53%
11. Warrington 60.60%
12. Gloucestershire 60.66%
13. Windsor and Maidenhead 60.67%
14. Swansea 60.76%
15. Edinburgh, City of 60.78%
16. Redbridge 60.90%
17. Vale of Glamorgan, The 60.97%
18. Slough 61.24%
19. York 61.32%
20. Cumbria 61.33%
21. Bracknell Forest 61.35%
22. East Sussex 61.41%
23. Buckinghamshire 61.41%
24. Greater London 61.43%
25. Stoke-on-Trent 61.46%
26. Bedfordshire 61.48%
27. Suffolk 61.52%
28. Dudley 61.58%
29. Cardiff 61.64%
30. Rotherham 61.68%
31. Manchester 61.72%
32. Bradford 61.75%
33. Glasgow City 61.77%
34. West Sussex 61.78%
35. Brighton and Hove 61.79%
36. Bromley 61.80%
37. Medway 61.83%
38. Leeds 61.88%
39. Newham 61.91%
40. Sheffield 61.94%
41. Newcastle upon Tyne 61.94%
42. Rochdale 61.97%
43. Herefordshire 61.98%
44. Cornwall 62.06%
45. Northamptonshire 62.07%
46. Nottingham 62.10%
47. Bournemouth 62.18%
48. Kingston upon Hull, City of 62.21%
49. Walsall 62.22%
50. Nottinghamshire 62.23%
51. Telford and Wrekin 62.31%
52. Surrey 62.32%
53. Essex 62.33%
54. Lancashire 62.47%
55. St. Helens 62.49%
56. Kirklees 62.51%
57. Plymouth 62.61%
58. Aberdeen City 62.66%
59. Wolverhampton 62.76%
60. Cheshire 62.78%
61. Worcestershire 62.88%
62. North Lanarkshire 62.88%
63. Lincolnshire 62.89%
64. Leicestershire 62.92%
65. West Lothian 63.00%
66. Derby 63.21%
67. Kent 63.30%
68. West Midlands 63.30%
69. Derbyshire 63.32%
70. Leicester 63.37%
71. Oxfordshire 63.38%
72. Reading 63.43%
73. Birmingham 63.45%
74. Bury 63.52%
75. North Yorkshire 63.56%
76. Somerset 63.57%
77. Staffordshire 63.65%
78. Dorset 63.75%
79. Doncaster 63.83%
80. Cambridgeshire 63.84%
81. Falkirk 63.85%
82. Southampton 63.89%
83. Peterborough 63.92%
84. Fife 64.01%
85. Hampshire 64.02%
86. Hertford 64.09%
87. Salford 64.11%
88. Bexley 64.11%
89. Norfolk 64.13%
90. Bristol, City of 64.26%
91. Gateshead 64.35%
92. Warwickshire 64.38%
93. Coventry 64.50%
94. Liverpool 64.56%
95. Devon 64.63%
96. Portsmouth 64.64%
97. Stockport 65.02%
98. Newport 65.24%
99. Hartlepool 66.31%
100. Bath and North East Somerset 66.33%
101. Durham 67.04%
102. Angus 68.94%