The growing trend of modular kitchen design thrives on the fact that the design has to be practical and comprehensive in nature. Such kitchens are available with ample customization options as you can ensure every hook or corner serves their purpose. Yes, precision and technique are essential to have the feel of a luxurious kitchen there are some handy tips to start off the process of designing a modular kitchen plan.

Harp on the kitchen work triangle as an important focal point

The work triangle of your kitchen that enables viable workspaces or clear traffic lanes in a kitchen. It includes the refrigerator, sink and cooktop. A major aspect of the kitchen centers around how to arrange such items as that the cleaning, cooking, or storage areas are proper even without overcrowding these areas.

A suggestion is to draw a rough sketch of your kitchen area before figuring out which layout you intend to opt. In fact a golden rule to follow is that there has to be a length of 4 feet to 9 feet among each triangle

Planning the layout

For developing a modular kitchen for your home there is a need to plan a layout. A modern day kitchen is not about cleaning and cooking since they turn out to be the hub of a modern-day kitchen as they turn out to be a multi- functional option than before. So there is a need to plan out the layout and activities as per the layout of the kitchen that is going to access the activities like conversations, dining and tea time.

The counter top length has to be ideal

When it is the counter top the standard advanced height is somewhere between 30 to 35 inches. Make sure that the height of the kitchen top is not too high from the counter top or else you might face difficulty in reaching out to be the upper shelves. Take note of the fact that the average heights is for people who are going to have an average height. Pretty much like any other feature of your house, there is a need to be adjusting the counter top height so as to cope up with the family preferences.

Take due note of the colour scheme

To a kitchen space a colour scheme provides a finishing touch and a sense of elegance. Since you need to be maintaining your kitchen space for a considerable period of time it is better not to opt for an all-white colour. It is going to require high maintainenace  and consistent levels of cleaning. It does not indicate that you should be choosing brighter hues only. The dark shades trap in a lot of heat that might pose a problem during the summer months. So there is  a need to mix and match various colours and explore the possibility of alternative combinations. In fact if you resort to such a practice the art of modular kitchen becomes an easy task. Make sure that the colours of your kitchen go along well with the overall home décor of the premises.

To conclude on all counts the kitchen has to be a safe place to work. Make sure that you pay adequate attention to gas piping and take viable steps at your end to prevent any form of curves on the countertop edges. As the matter of fact, even the floors that you select have to be slip-resistant and should be easy to clean any type of spills or falls. The placement of the appliances is also important.